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Why do product managers exist?

First of all, I would like to say: Product Manager is not qualified to define the company‘s strategic direction, and can not even define the Product. This is the biggest misunderstanding, people are thinking of themselves as Product managers, can define the direction, can choose what type of thing to do. But in fact only Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Ma, Ma Huateng and others, they are suitable for the definition of corporate strategy. Only like this genius, they suddenly initiated a point of view, that people should live in this way, a group of people are willing to follow them. These…

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Why Good Product Manager are so few?

A) Has the potential of “great PM.” To finally become a great PM, you have the potential to have great PM initially. How do you find out if you have this potential? A number of answers to this question can be referred to: What good quality Product manager needs? How many people have excellent PM potential? In my personal estimation, the average number of schools in 211 schools is 1 for each class and 10,000 for each class year. Coupled with other sources, there are also more than 30 聽 000 candidates each year with a total amount of more…

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Some basic knowledge: product project management

1. After the Product manager confirms the Product prototype, through coordinating different manpower and resources, the process of pushing the planned Product Demand on-line within a limited time is the Product Project Management. 2. The project manager needs different functional roles of all departments to communicate, the main division is as follows    1. Demand Output: Product Manager PM, output Product prototypes, requirements documents and flow charts.    2. Product project Members: Visual Design UI / user experience UE / Back-End development RD / Front-End development FE / Functional Testing QA    3. Peripheral members: operations / customer service / sales / marketing / legal affairs…

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The road of Product manager

Chapter 1 from the lively to the door, interpretation of Product manager 1.1 Why a lot of people choose to be Product manager1.2 Product manager pyramid distribution1.3 out of several misunderstandings Product manager1.4 Product manager should have the ability1.5 What kind of Product managers favor businesses Chapter 2 from resources to opportunities, planning Product blueprint 2.1 understand Product planning2.2 Product planning core four questions2.3 The basic method of Demand management2.4 Requirements Handling of practical Skills2.5 through well-known website to see the plan Chapter 3 from small work to experts, Design excellence products 3.1 recognize Product Design3.2 Product realization of the…

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Yu Jun: Why most product managers are unqualified

Yu Jun said last year, dropping travel to Product managers have made a new rating, the requirements are very strict. Yu Jun eyes, the Product manager is divided into A, B, C three categories. Want to know how to divide? Keep looking down I know behind this strict rating is Yu Jun teachers have long been thinking of good Product manager. As a Product manager who has 10 years of working experience, I finally have the opportunity to discuss the Product manager’s problems with Growth, talent, ability and management with Mr. Yu Jun. I will organize the content and experience…

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the new product manager

What is the key to the new product manager’s growth

In the past in contact with a lot of friends on the line, are mistakenly hit or bite the bullet into the Product manager in this industry. Many people do something for a while, they feel they have done things themselves, and they can do it themselves. Six months later, one year later, they probably do the same thing. Some are trying their best to accomplish the leadership’s vision, some are exhausted and development communication, some are afraid of the company’s development for tomorrow. Abstracted, the problems encountered are strikingly similar: lack of good growth environment. And they do not…

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