Let the product form a closed loop, thus completing self-growth

Closed loop is the Product of self-Growth cycle.

Taobao’s credit rating System is a closed loop. Buyers buy products, merchants provide good service received praise, get praise will get more new buyers, buyers and buyers, merchants have the opportunity to get more praise, the formation of a cycle. PM‘s job is to discover, Design, and ensure the smooth operation of this closed loop. For example, poor assessment division, is the closed-loop killer.

UGC products are often a closed loop. users release high-quality information, high-quality information to attract new users, new users also release high-quality information, more new users are attracted to form a closed loop. Spammers, Spam, low-quality messaging, and more are all closed-loop killers. For many UGC products, PM spends its time trying to get it working, but the quality of the information goes down, just like a virus, spreading throughout the cycle, causing the Product to wilt and eventually die.

More products are not closed-loop, such as Alipay, Dictionary APP, IE browser, Flash games, Microsoft Office software and so on. The increase of users does not bring the Product self-Growth. The difference is that many Tools now find their own products, such as cloud input method, the user more input method is better, the input method is better, more users, forming a cycle.

Mobile, cloud, big data era, will provide more closed-loop products possible. Only formed a closed loop, this Product can grow up, evolved into an organism. Many small closed-loop, and finally will form a large closed-loop, many closed-loop may eventually evolve into an ecosystem, such as Ali, Baidu, Tencent, in fact, are an ecosystem. Multiple ecosystems may evolve into a super ecosystem, such as Ali is doing. Of course, the term ecosystem is a favorite word for strategists or commentators, and Product managers need only be aware of the small rings that pull the ring and pull the ring that hits your pain points.

2012 Even if human beings doomsday, there is no essential difference from the ice melting into water in the concept of physics. It is only a form of ring and a form of another form of ring. What PM has to do is to become a singer who pulls the strings. There are countless closed-loop vibrations, and the whole universe will play music for you.

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