Be a product manager instead of a functional manager

Now find that makes sense, because too many Product managers around is actually doing a functional manager.

They just continue to pick up the Product‘s functional requirements and then continue to implement the Product‘s features. Lack of login, Design a login box; no data, find a platform to get through; management is not convenient to Design a tool to manage; page is not beautiful, re-planning the page structure ……

Functional managers, busy every day, concerned about how much Demand is still in the back of the queue, whether the Demand side is met. The user experience in the end how, the function really really valuable, whether it can be more perfect, functional managers rarely concerned about. When someone complains about a certain function bad mood, he will say:

I already have this feature ah, you say the experience is not good? No way, the engineer resources are too tight, ah, why do you say so awkward Design? think of it, big boss non-requirement so ah, we can only Design this way, no way!

His usual tone of voice was his last resort, pushing the blame on others.

However, as a qualified Product manager, you need to focus on the user experience, genuinely focus on user feedback, focus on data quality, and focus on every single detail. Like buying a pair of shoes, not just to wear, but also consider whether the fit, is comfortable, the style is beautiful.

There was a meeting, Taoyuan president Yan Yan sister said a very simple but very reasonable sentence: the Product can be used and easy to use is not the same thing!

Achieve Product Demand, rather than user needs


This topic is very interesting. When you Ask the user what he needs, he will Answer that he needs a faster horse. Jobs said never Ask what the user wants! Because users are fools, do not know what they want.

This is actually the Product manager often takes user needs as Product requirements. All users are correct, they are all their own expectations, but not the Product needs. A few days ago Zhang Xiaolong interview, Zhang said he does not see the user’s data. In fact, Zhang Xiaolong is very concerned about the needs of users, Zhang Xiaolong and I in a group, if some people in the group to use some WeChat use unhappy features, Zhang Xiaolong will give feedback soon.

These products God, behind the meaning is that should not simply meet the needs of users, but should think about the needs of users refined into Product Demand. When a Product has tens of millions of users, it is important to understand and refine the Product‘s needs.

This truth is easier to understand, not to explain more.

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