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High-fidelity login status judgment, how to use global variables?

In the prototyping process, we often encounter such a situation: the same operation, due to the current conditions of different to perform different actions. For example: a lot of Product features that need to log in before they can operate. However, these functions can be seen when they are not logged in. When clicked, a pop-up window appears, guiding the user to log in or register. In the face of such logic, the simplest way to do this is as follows: Add multiple use cases for the same action. When previewing the prototype, select a different use case to perform…

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Cold Start – Product Manager Training Courses

Analysis Skills 1. market Analysis – How to find valuable market opportunities? 2. User needs – how to understand the real needs of users pain points? 3. Solution – How to achieve user value through unique positioning? 4. Functional requirements – how to find the most important thing to find the simple things? Practical training: 1. Complete competitive Product analysis report 2. Use HMW method to complete the needs analysis Design Skills 1. prototype Design – how to graphically express Product features and interactions Document Writing – How to translate ideas into executable documents Practical training: 1. Complete prototype Design…

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