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How Product manager‘s one day is like?

9: 30-10: 00. 1.Brush Product data yesterday, including the global and its own module responsible. Pull the trend chart once again and take a look at a few indicators you care about. If there is a problem, you throw it in a Product operation communication group you set up to discuss and analyze the causes and strengthen the team’s awareness of data observation. Brush like a circle of friends responsible for the new module is responsible for brushing all the new content. There are points worth discussing throwing in the Product operation communication group, so that we pay more attention…

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It’s time to think about how to use the Splash page

The first time to write Product related articles, start from the App start! Most apps start with a page: the Splash page, also known as the Splash page, talks about how to use the Splash page. What is a Splash page Splash page definition: When the application (App) started, it takes time to start, this time often during the startup process will use some transition pages (or animation), these are the startup page. Since the launch page appears every time an application is opened, and often stays for a short time, just like the flash effect, the Splash page is…

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