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The failure of start-ups stems from the premature enlargement of unverified business models

What is the point of starting a Business? Value creation. But for whom to create value? Who defines the value? user. Once upon a time, pricing power was eliminated at the manufacturer or channel supplier and after the birth of the Internet, the information asymmetry between buyers and sellers was eliminated and the pricing power was transferred to users.       So today, the core of value creation lies in how to use the user as the center to identify the user’s pain points and provide solutions. Vincent Khosla, a very famous VC in Silicon Valley, said: Every pain point is a…

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Explore the core competitiveness of the business model

Creative – products – Business model – Business plan, these are for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists are familiar with the past, I also venture in the past, as most entrepreneurs and I, in accordance with such a set of processes to my venture Conceived and designed, and now just lamented at that time really know very little about doing Business. Completely follow the common version of the routine, there is no in-depth Business reasoning do not understand the real Business operation is going on. So to do, to explore, in the experience in the wall to find ways. When we started…

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