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Head of Product Business Development, Greater China

Job Description  Amazon.com has been rated one of the most admired companies in the world, #1 most innovative, and # 1 in Customer Service. Amazon’s technology Business (AWS) has a history and tradition of leading the world in Web-related technologies and services. Now, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) you have the chance to help individuals and businesses take their computing infrastructures and applications into “the Cloud”. Amazon leaders have said that AWS can be as big as our retail Business and combined with a fast pace release cycle that saw 700+ features launched in 2015, we need the kind of…

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Product Manager Growth things: to build their own growth model

ForewordBorrowing money Mr. Qian Zhongshui in the siege of the most famous phrase, the Product manager is a siege, people outside the city want to come in, the city people want to go out. In recent years, with the booming Internet industry, more and more people are beginning to enter the industry and enter the Product manager’s Business. Only came in to find the difference between reality and ideality, only to find the growing process more difficult and confused. I met many students asked me how Product managers should do, and some are entering the workplace, and some halfway around….

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Product manager Product manager

Product manager interviewed in the end what the interview

1, primary Product manager / assistant: Qualifications: Experience 0-1.5 years Just a year or so, the growth rate of the general, can perform the work of optimization and optimization, not with the demand for independent products, but to do a single module, optimize the data to enhance the work done very slippery, I think it has been qualified. Interview assessment focus: Execution: the primary Product manager is the most important executive capacity, because in most cases, the general direction of the Product not controlled by him, only responsible for local data, user needs tend to be more obvious, so the…

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