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Product managers need to become users in order to truly understand the demand

When becoming a user, each type of role answers the following two questions: Question 1: Why does this character use this Product? Question 2: How does this character know and reach this Product? After decomposing the character, PM needs to put oneself into the character, carry on the cosplay, imaginative role-playing game. When answering “Why does this role use this Product,” we find that the core needs of users are starting to break down. The core needs of users is a Demand, a Product will have only one level of Demand, in addition to the other are two needs, there…

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How product managers communicate with demand decision makers

In the company, the needs of the Product department may come from two sides, one is from the Idea inside the Product, the other is from the Business department. The former has the advantage of being able to give full play to the idea of ​​the Product staff, but the risk of the Product is relatively high. The latter has the advantage of having a relatively clear requirement and the Product staff only needs to provide a Solution. The disadvantage is that the communication cost is relatively high, Personnel own ideas to play will have limitations. And as for the…

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How product managers improve execution

The strength gap between different Product managers, not only reflected in the planning of Product programs, but also reflected in many invisible, inaccessible places, such as execution. Here’s the Product manager’s work content and scope, say how to enhance execution. 1. Program planning First of all, the Product manager’s most basic execution is reflected in the timely completion of Program planning. To do this, you can adopt a lean design approach. In other words, do not worry from the beginning to write the complete Program out, but to confirm the key design points, and then fill the details. For example,…

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