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How product managers communicate with the UI

After the completion of the prototype Product will be handed over to the next designer, the final decision of a Product is also in the hands of designers. Aesthetic is the first impression to the user, if the beauty of the Product is not good enough, then the Product to the user’s impression will be discounted. In fact, when doing Product prototype, many companies will require high-fidelity prototype, high-fidelity prototype to judge from two angles, the first prototype interface to do is very realistic, the prototype has been added color elements, so Practices will make the Demand side easier to…

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How interaction designer output of high-quality design draft

First, discussing and understanding needs is always the first step. Do not hurry up to do the prototyping after getting the Product manager’s needs, especially for Business products where the interaction designer needs to spend most of his time discussing the requirements with the Product manager, and we need to know what these requirements are What is the purpose of reaching? Mainly to achieve what kind of function? What are some of the main competing products currently on the market? After a thorough understanding of the needs of the entire Business, I usually do some prototype carding and general process…

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