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Head of Product Business Development, Greater China

Job Description  Amazon.com has been rated one of the most admired companies in the world, #1 most innovative, and # 1 in Customer Service. Amazon’s technology Business (AWS) has a history and tradition of leading the world in Web-related technologies and services. Now, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) you have the chance to help individuals and businesses take their computing infrastructures and applications into “the Cloud”. Amazon leaders have said that AWS can be as big as our retail Business and combined with a fast pace release cycle that saw 700+ features launched in 2015, we need the kind of…

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How to reduce the viscosity of SKU suppliers through product design?

I think that is the key elements of the e-commerce Business, one is the goods, one is the service, there is the logistics, as well as user traffic. I think four o’clock it, if less SKU, which is actually directly related to your Product problems. So I think less, it is definitely a more difficult thing. If the objective conditions, SKU must be less, this less must be fine, it must have a tonality, is a basis for survival. For example, we now make a rigorous selection, SKU also more than 7,000, and now that if compared with Jingdong or…

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From product manager to project manager, how to quickly become competent?

Project Management is a skill that a Product manager needs to master but not an entirely must-have skill because of the different Internet companies. The definition of the functions of Product managers are not the same, some to Product managers to play a relatively large space for the company, it may go to the Product manager to Design a good Product, but also have some control of the entire project. In the actual work process, if a Product manager has a certain sense of Project Management or Project Management ability, it can actually make the whole team or Product better…

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