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How product managers improve conversion rates at key points

When the PM to find about 20 key points, then every key point, how to improve the conversion rate of key pages, is the phased goal. When I post as general manager, in order to understand how new users come in, I’ve registered over 80 online accounts to see what can be done to improve my registration process. So, an ordinary PM, at least at every key point, must try dozens of times to find the feeling and find an effective way to improve conversions. Many people have heard the principle of “one-click more than one user loss”. Although the…

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How Product manager‘s one day is like?

9: 30-10: 00. 1.Brush Product data yesterday, including the global and its own module responsible. Pull the trend chart once again and take a look at a few indicators you care about. If there is a problem, you throw it in a Product operation communication group you set up to discuss and analyze the causes and strengthen the team’s awareness of data observation. Brush like a circle of friends responsible for the new module is responsible for brushing all the new content. There are points worth discussing throwing in the Product operation communication group, so that we pay more attention…

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