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Determine the user needs to meet the key points in the process

Break down the entire process from “learning products, using products, satisfying needs, leaving, coming back” to characterize each type of character, depicting key steps and key pages. This step is to test the PM‘s key steps in the implementation of Skills, PM can not do this step, and has nothing to do with the talent, and only hard, whether or not concerned about. The best process control for the entire user needs is the e-commerce Business. The reason is simple, because every step is money. excellent e-commerce companies, such as Lynx, Taobao, Jingdong, PM will come from the user, how…

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Which of the core needs of the user to meet the product?

The key to Product Design lies in figuring out what the core value of the Product is and meeting the core needs of the user. In practice, 70% of PMs often forget this because “meeting user needs” is almost a recipe for every PM to open, so it’s often forgotten. We often hear of “microblogging to strengthen SNS attributes”, “WeChat to get through O2O”, “community information to flow faster,” is the most typical example of forgetting the needs of users. All of these formulations are taken for granted, did not stand in the user’s point of view, did not find…

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