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Decomposition users: According to the core value of the product, the user is broken down into different roles

Maybe the genius can understand the user’s needs, but the genius also has a Growth process on the insight of the user’s needs. We can see that Qiao Bangzhu is also crawling out from a failure. To grasp the needs of users like the Buddha’s enlightenment: cut an Apple, cut to the end, found to be empty, so Enlightenment. User needs turned out to be a wordless book, to understand that there is a need to cut the Apple process. Decompose the user into a user’s process is a process of Apple, a PM must practice. Different products, different dimensions,…

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What is your uniqueness compared with similar products?

If the first step is to solve the Product “what is the use of” problem, then step two is to solve the “others why use.” The problem seems simple. In fact, 70% of PMs often forget “user needs,” and even a large company with up to 90% of PMs does not consider “how others use me.” Why do so many PM will not consider “why others use me”? The big advantage for large companies is that they have money, people, technology, and users who are able to quickly push a Product that has proven Demand in the marketplace to the…

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Why Good Product Manager are so few?

A) Has the potential of “great PM.” To finally become a great PM, you have the potential to have great PM initially. How do you find out if you have this potential? A number of answers to this question can be referred to: What good quality Product manager needs? How many people have excellent PM potential? In my personal estimation, the average number of schools in 211 schools is 1 for each class and 10,000 for each class year. Coupled with other sources, there are also more than 30 聽 000 candidates each year with a total amount of more…

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