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The difference between product manager and project manager

1.Product and projectA Product is an item or service that meets a Demand, and the project is the process of manufacturing a Product or service. For example, for example, a bridge is now to be completed. The bridge is the final Product to be completed. From designing a bridge to bridging until the bridge is good, the whole process is a project. The project is a dynamic process and the Product meets certain requirements Of goods or services (such as bridges), commissioned from the bridge to accept the completion of the project is completed. 2. Product Manager and project Managerproject…

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Yu Jun: Why most product managers are unqualified

Yu Jun said last year, dropping travel to Product managers have made a new rating, the requirements are very strict. Yu Jun eyes, the Product manager is divided into A, B, C three categories. Want to know how to divide? Keep looking down I know behind this strict rating is Yu Jun teachers have long been thinking of good Product manager. As a Product manager who has 10 years of working experience, I finally have the opportunity to discuss the Product manager’s problems with Growth, talent, ability and management with Mr. Yu Jun. I will organize the content and experience…

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How to do junior project management and product management

problem Description: A beginner, basic Product requirements and Design ok, from programmer to developer to online, can you share your experience with Product management, Project Management, and money allocation? I was doing early education, want resources original. A: For this issue, I understand that it should be a non-Internet industry, an entrepreneur would like to do some Internet attempts. Such a background. If that is the case, then I think from the theoretical level, the first thing to pay attention to two things, one is often mentioned on the Internet, MVP is to minimize the viable Product. The second one,…

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