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Internet product project management some of the necessary knowledge

1. Internet Product Project Management      1. Project Management is the use of a variety of related Skills, methods and Tools to meet or exceed the requirements of the project stakeholders and expectations of the various plans, organizations, leadership, control and other activities;      2 Project Management is divided into start-up, planning, implementation, monitoring, closing five stages;      3. Internet products need to change from “idea” to “Product” available to users after market analysis, requirement analysis and prototype Design.      4. Through the coordination of different manpower and resources, the process of pushing the planned Product Demand online within a…

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Some basic knowledge: product project management

1. After the Product manager confirms the Product prototype, through coordinating different manpower and resources, the process of pushing the planned Product Demand on-line within a limited time is the Product Project Management. 2. The project manager needs different functional roles of all departments to communicate, the main division is as follows    1. Demand Output: Product Manager PM, output Product prototypes, requirements documents and flow charts.    2. Product project Members: Visual Design UI / user experience UE / Back-End development RD / Front-End development FE / Functional Testing QA    3. Peripheral members: operations / customer service / sales / marketing / legal affairs…

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What is project management?

Project Management is a familiar word that you see in all walks of life. However, the Project Management in the end what is it? Today, we try to Answer this question. How to count as a “project“ To understand what is “Project Management,” we must first understand what a “project” is. In Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), a “project” is defined as a project that is a temporary task for creating a unique Product, service, or result. According to this definition, we can understand some basic characteristics about a project. For example, the “temporary” of a project means that…

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