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Project management to be solved in the main issues

1.Demand communication      1. Demand document output, the Product manager has repeatedly discussed and revised needs, the Demand for the best understanding;     2. Due to the different background, Product usage habits and job responsibilities of the project members, the understanding of the requirements will be inconsistent. In particular, the omission or distortion of certain requirements may occur when the Product features or details are more.     3. Lack of Demand or distortion will result in the final input of Product features and expectations are inconsistent; 2. Progress and resources control      1. Due to the nature of the industry, Internet products…

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How product managers improve execution

The strength gap between different Product managers, not only reflected in the planning of Product programs, but also reflected in many invisible, inaccessible places, such as execution. Here’s the Product manager’s work content and scope, say how to enhance execution. 1. Program planning First of all, the Product manager’s most basic execution is reflected in the timely completion of Program planning. To do this, you can adopt a lean design approach. In other words, do not worry from the beginning to write the complete Program out, but to confirm the key design points, and then fill the details. For example,…

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