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High-fidelity login status judgment, how to use global variables?

In the prototyping process, we often encounter such a situation: the same operation, due to the current conditions of different to perform different actions. For example: a lot of Product features that need to log in before they can operate. However, these functions can be seen when they are not logged in. When clicked, a pop-up window appears, guiding the user to log in or register. In the face of such logic, the simplest way to do this is as follows: Add multiple use cases for the same action. When previewing the prototype, select a different use case to perform…

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How the product manager communicates with the RD

Sometimes during the interview, the interviewer always asks the Product manager a question. When the Product submits the request for development, the developer rejects it without time as a reason. This situation is certainly the Product of new needs and developer projects on hand, the Solution is simple, is based on the needs of the priority to adjust the development schedule. Every company has its own standards when it comes to hiring people, looking for people with the same values, so I’ve always believed that developers do not go for any reason without delay. However, in the course of work,…

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