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From product manager to project manager, how to quickly become competent?

Project Management is a skill that a Product manager needs to master but not an entirely must-have skill because of the different Internet companies. The definition of the functions of Product managers are not the same, some to Product managers to play a relatively large space for the company, it may go to the Product manager to Design a good Product, but also have some control of the entire project. In the actual work process, if a Product manager has a certain sense of Project Management or Project Management ability, it can actually make the whole team or Product better…

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How Product manager‘s one day is like?

9: 30-10: 00. 1.Brush Product data yesterday, including the global and its own module responsible. Pull the trend chart once again and take a look at a few indicators you care about. If there is a problem, you throw it in a Product operation communication group you set up to discuss and analyze the causes and strengthen the team’s awareness of data observation. Brush like a circle of friends responsible for the new module is responsible for brushing all the new content. There are points worth discussing throwing in the Product operation communication group, so that we pay more attention…

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