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What a good product manager should have thinking

Let’s review what the Product manager should do.Help enterprises / users to create valuable products for users.Well, we are starting today’s topic. “Product Manager thinking,” I like to describe it as “Formula Racing thinking.” Products like a car in general, continue to ride in the track, after running a distance, the car need to repair station for the replacement, and the process is like the release of each iteration of the Product Version, add functionality, improve the experience, the purpose is In order to give users a better experience, while the audience on the audience, as the user in general,…

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Product Manager ways of thinking

1. Multi-perspective divergence: Product manager needs to think about functions from different perspectives to make them more common and perfect, such as user operation error, operation failure, forget or interrupt the process, missing conditions, beyond the boundaries, including different users, different Time, different venues, different needs, different states or even different network conditions and so on. 2. Abstraction: Product Design is a multi-capability related work. Product managers need to think deeply about functions, ways of realization, scenarios and benefits, and then draw out stable and common features. Only in this way can we see a kind of Demand from a…

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What is the real “product thinking”?

Who are you? Obviously you are a big man out of ordinary people, most of the work done by the Product manager; – Social platform, send the content You should be a young man, but work should have been a few years away; – There is scope for cognition, and the tone of expression is mature enough Your awareness of the Product is not much, but you are a motivated person, you are willing to think and question, but not good at summing up the expression; – Product Gangster’s explanation is clearly not a high-level Product asked In fact, you…

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