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541 product manager recommended project management tools

1, Worktile   Official Website: https://Worktile.com/ Official introduction: One-stop collaboration platform, which integrates efficient collaboration, real-time communication and mobile work, and provides applications such as enterprise IM, task management, scheduling, enterprise network disk, work briefing and so on, and truly improves the work efficiency of employees. Coffee Friends spicy comment: @I am Stark: “Team” to manage everything. Create a task, the progress of the task, to complete the task promptly notify the relevant personnel. 2, Tower   Official Website: https://Tower.im/ OFFICIAL INTRODUCTION: A 24-hour online office where you can quickly handle tasks, engage in discussions, view project progress, and collaborate…

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From product manager to project manager, how to quickly become competent?

Project Management is a skill that a Product manager needs to master but not an entirely must-have skill because of the different Internet companies. The definition of the functions of Product managers are not the same, some to Product managers to play a relatively large space for the company, it may go to the Product manager to Design a good Product, but also have some control of the entire project. In the actual work process, if a Product manager has a certain sense of Project Management or Project Management ability, it can actually make the whole team or Product better…

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Can product managers be “standardized”?

This is a difficult problem that I have been thinking for a long time. It is not just for me. I believe it is a very “controversial” problem for most of our practitioners. I understand that Product managers need to think, they need innovation, and they are rethinking roles, but that does not mean we have no hands-on Skills. By chance, I separated “thinking” from “doing”. After a period of time, it was obvious that what I was “doing” was completely standardizable. For developers, the programming thinking is “think“, the process of writing the code is “done”, no matter how…

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