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How product managers communicate with the UI

After the completion of the prototype Product will be handed over to the next designer, the final decision of a Product is also in the hands of designers. Aesthetic is the first impression to the user, if the beauty of the Product is not good enough, then the Product to the user’s impression will be discounted. In fact, when doing Product prototype, many companies will require high-fidelity prototype, high-fidelity prototype to judge from two angles, the first prototype interface to do is very realistic, the prototype has been added color elements, so Practices will make the Demand side easier to…

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Ten principles of user experience

1. The experience belongs to the user: Designers do not create the experience, they are just the medium to create the experience, the two are very different. Because experience is subjective, it can not be designed in the way of physical products. However, this does not mean that we can not design a framework for users to experience our products or services. If this framework is solid enough, then a good experience will follow. 2. Experience is holistic: Experience is no longer limited to the Product itself. It consists of all the parts of a larger System that are accessible…

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What the UI needs in the end into the PM

This morning to see the customer back to the company has been close to 2 o’clock in the afternoon, so my lunch break so naturally gone, and on Friday, so it goes along with its natural energy to do that pile is always dry Endless thing, this is the background, just a friend from the land of abundance to find me talk about the experience of UI to PM, at the moment he is doing UI design, there has always been the idea of ​​converting products, will also play Axure / Xmind and many other failed weapons, recently interviewed a…

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