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Product managers need to become users in order to truly understand the demand

When becoming a user, each type of role answers the following two questions: Question 1: Why does this character use this Product? Question 2: How does this character know and reach this Product? After decomposing the character, PM needs to put oneself into the character, carry on the cosplay, imaginative role-playing game. When answering “Why does this role use this Product,” we find that the core needs of users are starting to break down. The core needs of users is a Demand, a Product will have only one level of Demand, in addition to the other are two needs, there…

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Decomposition users: According to the core value of the product, the user is broken down into different roles

Maybe the genius can understand the user’s needs, but the genius also has a Growth process on the insight of the user’s needs. We can see that Qiao Bangzhu is also crawling out from a failure. To grasp the needs of users like the Buddha’s enlightenment: cut an Apple, cut to the end, found to be empty, so Enlightenment. User needs turned out to be a wordless book, to understand that there is a need to cut the Apple process. Decompose the user into a user’s process is a process of Apple, a PM must practice. Different products, different dimensions,…

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