Why do product managers exist?

First of all, I would like to say: Product Manager is not qualified to define the company‘s strategic direction, and can not even define the Product.

This is the biggest misunderstanding, people are thinking of themselves as Product managers, can define the direction, can choose what type of thing to do. But in fact only Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Ma, Ma Huateng and others, they are suitable for the definition of corporate strategy. Only like this genius, they suddenly initiated a point of view, that people should live in this way, a group of people are willing to follow them.

These geniuses are often good at a certain area, or a big goal. Many so-called Product manager-led start-up companies or most of them feel that their imagination and Product thinking, allowing them to do all kinds of things. Countless companies, entrepreneurship is doing a few ideas in a row, a lot of companies from the blog to sign, buy a taxi, all the way down. What these people have in common is that they think they can do everything. On the contrary, the successful company, Zhou Hongyi think personal computers need to be more convenient and more secure management, Lei Jun think the phone is the next destination for people’s lives.

This entry point is the accumulation of life experience and IQ, has nothing to do with whether you are a Product manager, and, in general, belong to special people who do not understand Business and technology.

Second, then why do we need the role of Product manager?

Mainframe and operating System software engineering era, the completion of a software project, the general contradiction is: whether to solve the practical problems of information storage, computing, feasibility, performance is standard, can be delivered on schedule, can sell out. In response to these issues, the functional departments are about: management, development, marketing. The Solution is about: quantifying and anticipating technical work with technology as its core competency. Then improve the Design patterns, Project Management and other disciplines. This period, the overall competitiveness of software technology and engineering management level.

Internet era, the contradictions shifted. Information technology services no longer solve the problem of enterprise information technology, but everyone’s problem. The paradox is that we can help people do what, how to make people continue to use our products, find a sustainable revenue point. So none of the tech giants came in and they were producing equipment that was still in the limelight for the government to provide large-scale solutions, relying on technology, Project Management and high-tech talent. The Internet era is about solving conflicts: Research can help people do something, so companies are born for an idea, such as mail, information, games, shopping; operations have been created that focus on how people continue to use and seek revenue.

If the software engineering era, project managers can drive the entire process, that role in the Internet age, it is very difficult. Because of this era, to understand what people need, how their feedback on our products, changes in operational data caused by our Product changes, how people generally operate, how people are more willing to … This series of issues, as well as Project Management Those things, have to be driven. So, people need someone who knows more.

Third, when it comes to this, I define the Product manager so that all the company‘s departments are driven to accomplish the Product‘s goal. The first confusion, what is the Product‘s goal? Said earlier, this is set when the company was founded, for example, know almost to get people to get a better Answer, Google wants to participate in all human information technology. So the boss and his team come up with goals. You should be your eunuch and summon all civil and military affairs. Of course, most of the time, the Product can communicate with the CEO team and evaluate the target, which is the decision-making issue, each company has its own way.

The second puzzle, why is the Product to drive, not the CEO, not the chief operating officer, not the technical director? As you said before, Product managers evolved from the project manager who understood the goals of the CEO, rigorous technical logic, the art-interactive experience, operations and data, quality and feedback. This is the Internet age, the meaning of the establishment of Product department. The existing functional departments, have their very clear objectives. In fact, in the era of software engineering, those giant companies also have a Project Management department.

Four companies do not need products? Some people say that Facebook and Google do not need products and operations staff, in some cases it is true, but they also have to solve the above mentioned, the Internet era to solve the problem. Zuckerberg and Page technical thinking, there is a unique Solution. For example, Facebook completely implements ABTest from a technical perspective. Instead of using native client controls, they have the ability to make web pages as cool as the client, and change to other companies, with two articles or two, or genius-dependent instincts.

Some company products do not drive things? This issue seems like Tucao, in fact, the problem lies in that, you need to drive the team to solve. There are company technology boss want to seize the right to speak, there are unique ideas of the company‘s art boss, and even some of the company‘s products students are doing interactive review, even the data can not see two points, that such problems, can not help. Some company products are able to define the goal of the decision? This also specifically see the company. Cicada travel target you can define it? Silver has been done. Particularly large companies, so many people do not know why, so the top can not control, head down to define the goal or even to apply for approval. But for example, which Product manager Tencent to define the Product‘s goal of QQ.

Of course, the above said, different founding team background, determines the different decision-making methods, for example, some Product team is to dominate all directions and steps. I am just here to elaborate, Product manager exactly why is there any change in the industry, what things must be done by the Product. As for the additional Business, this is to look for opportunities. To say so much, what should the Product manager do?

Said next in the MoMo, Product manager what to do. We usually break up several Product managers in use. 1, the project part. Responsible for the project part, assess the progress of risk-making to ensure quality. 2, the Business part. Responsible for Business lines, access to Business units or senior Business goals, to find ways to achieve performance, to assess the feasibility of rigor and effectiveness, focus on the achievement of results, pay attention to data feedback, focus on user experience. 3, drive part. To accompany the entire Business line students to eat and sleep, understand as much information as possible, share the share, to the recipient. Optimize the process of cross-departmental cooperation in the Business line.

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